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Sunday, January 5, 2014

How To Enable Comment Moderation In Blogger?

Comment Moderation
As You Know That Blogger Is Been Used By Millions Of Peoples In The World. Millions Of Words Are Written On Every Day. Some People Get Their Blog Very Popular In Just Little Time Due To It's Unique And Loved Content And They Also Get Comments From Peoples. Commenting System Is Good Because It Increases Your Blog's Ranking. People Can Easily Ask Their Questions With Current Post If They Don't Know What To Do. If You Have So Much Of Post Published, You Cannot See Comments One By One Because It Takes A Lot Of Time To See Each And Every Comments, You Can Enable Comment Moderation In Blogger To Receive Your Comments In Folder. Some Of The Visitors Who Are Haters Of Blog, They Use Spam Comments To Increase Their Traffic And Backlinks. So This Is The Problem With Many Blog Owners Because They Cannot See So Much Of Comments. You Can Enable Comment Moderation. Let's Describe That How It Is Enable.

What Is Comment Moderation?

Comment Moderation Are Used By Many Blogger's Users. This Is Mainly Enabled Because They Want To See Commens Which Are Published On That Post. So When It Is Enable, When Any Visitor Comment On That Post, It Says The Following Message "The Comment Will Appear Here Afer Approval", This Means That The Blog Owner Will First Read Your Comment And If It Is Not Spam, Then He Can Publish You Comment On Post And Can Help You Through Your Email Or Blog Post. The Comments Which Are Published After Approval, Are Stored On "Awaiting Moderation" Folder In Your Blog. Now It's Your Choice To Delete Or Published That Comment Which Is Awaiting Moderation.


  • Say Good Bye To Spam
  • No More Links In Comments
  • Haters Can't Annoy You

How To Enable Comment Moderation?

So Here Is The Tutorial For You To How To Enable Comment Moderation. Just Follow The Simple Steps:-

  • Go To Blogger >> Your Blog >> Settings >> Post And Comments.
  • Here Is The Comment Moderation Section, The "Never" Option Is Tick Marked, Now Tick Mark The "Always" Button.

  • After They Will Ask You For Email To Which Email They Send You Approval Comments. Just Enter The Email In The Box.
  • Now Click On "Save Settings" On The Top-Right Corner Of The Screen.
  • You've Done!

Final Words!

So Friends, That Was The Comment Moderation Tutorial For You. It Is Also Important For That Blogs Which Are Getting High Number Of Comments Daily. I Hope This Tutorial Will Help You A Lot. If You Are Facing Any Problem In This Tutorial, Then Feel Free To Ask In Comments As I Describe First. Also Share This Post With Your Friends Who Are Begginer's. Take Care!. Happy Blogging!.

Friday, January 3, 2014

How To Use Blogger? - Complete Guide For Newbies

What Is Blogger?

Blogger Is A Popular CMS (Content Management System) Which Is Owned By Google. People Use Join It To Write And Share Content With World And Friends Online  Through Creating A Simple Blog. Blogger Gives You Full Control Of Your Blog To Manage. You Can Easily Manage By Edit Template In HTML. If You Are A Coding Master, Than You Can Customize Your Blog Experience Very Easily!. You Can Say That It Is A Web-Based Tool That Helps You Create And Publish Your Post. You Will Not Require So Much Of Coding Knowlegde Because It Works Like A Editor. But If You Know, Than You Can Customize As The Way You Want.

How To Create A Blog?

In This Section, I Will Explain You How To Create A Blog. Creating A Blog Is Not So Difficult Task. You Must Have You Gmail Account In Order To Create Blog Because Blogger Uses GMAIL Like Youtube. Follow The Below Sterps Of How To Create A Blog:-

  • Login To Your Gmail Account.
  • Click On "New Blog" Button On Left Side Of Screen.
  • Now A Pop-Up Window Will Appear Will Be Asked You To Fill Some Fields.
  • Title : The Title Of Your Blog Goes Here
  • Address : In This Section, You Have To Write The Address (URL) Of Your Blog And Then Check That It Is Available . This Will Appear. If It Is Unavailable, It Will Show (This Blog Address Is Not Available).
  • Template : So, Here You Have To Choose The Theme Of Your Blog. Click On Anyone You Want.

  • Now After Filling Your Fields, Click On Create Blog! Orange Button. Now You Have Created You Blog And Choosed A Theme. Now Move To Next Steps.

How To Create And Publish Blog Posts?

After Creating Your Blog, Let's Move To Next Step. The Next Step Is Creating A Post For Your Blog. Creating Posts Is Meant To Build Your Successful Blog And Content For Online Publishing. In Blogger, You Can Create Blog Posts On Any Topic, Like I'am Creating This Post. So Let's Begin:-

  • In Order To Create Post, Click On Orange Button With Pencil Marked On It.

  • Now You Will Enter Post Editor And Let's Learn The Post Editor

  • Post Title : The Main Part Of The Post Is The Post Title. If You Do Not Write It Will Not Publish. It Is A Textarea Where You Have To Write The Title Of The Topic Which Yu Are Going To Explain.
  • Post Body : You Can See A Long White Coloured Box Like MS Word Above, Which Is The Post Body Where You Have To Write The Description Of Topic Like I'am Describing.

  • Tools Menu : Here Is The Tools Menu Above You Can See All Tools Which You Can Use To Make Blog Post Advanced. You Can Change Font Size, Type, Undo, Redo, Heading, Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Background Color, Text-Color Links, Upload Image, Upload Video, Jump Break, Text-Aligning, Bullets, Numbering, Blockquote, Remove Formatting, Check Spelling, Transliterate words Typed Phonetically In English Script, Choost Translieration Language, Left-To-Right And Right-To-Left.
  • Compose | HTML Tabs : There Are Two Tabs Placed On upper-Right Side Of Your Screen. Compose And HTML. In Compose Tab, As You Can See Above White Box, You Can Write Anything In Easy Language. If You Want To Make Your Post With The Help Of HTML Tab, You Can Create HTML Coding And Then View The Output In Compose Tab. In This Tab, You Can Customize Things With CSS Also. So You Can Use Both To Publish Beautiful Post. Or Either You Can Use Only One. Your Choice!
  • Labels : It Is Place On Upper-Right Side (Sidebar) Of Your Post Editor. Here You Can Customize Settings. In Label Box, You Can Categorize Your Post. It Means You Are Categorizing Your Post With Labels. Mean That If There Are 15 Posts And 7 Have One Label And The 7 Other And Other Labels, So If The Visitor Click On First Label, It Will Display The Post Of First 7 Labels. If He/She Clicks On The Label Of Other 7 Labels, It Will Of Course, Display The Posts Which Are Of Other Labels Categorized!.
  • Schedule : In This Tab, You Can Set Time To Publish Post. You Can Set Automatic Option To Publish Automatically When You Publish. But If You Want To Publish Post On Other Time, You Can Set Date And Time. After The Time Has Past, See Your Blog Post Published Automatically On Time!.
  • Permalink : In This Tab, You Can Set Custom URL Of Your Post If You Want Otherwise It Will Automatically Set. The URL Will Be Only For That Post Which You Are Publishing.
  • Location : In This Tab, You Can Also Set Your Location From Where Are You Publishing Post. This Is Not Necessary.
  • Options : In This Tab, Your Post Options Will Display Like Reader Comments, Compose Mode And Line Breaks Options. Each Option Has Its Own Selection.
  • Publish, Save, Preview And Close Buttons : These Buttons Are Located On Top-Right Corner Of Your Post Editor. The Publish Orange Button Will Publish Your Post Automatically, The Save Button Will Save Your Blog Post In Drafts Folder. Preview Button Is For Previewing Post Before Publishing Means That You Can Preview Your Post Before Publishing. The Close Button Closes The Post Editor.

Creating Pages!

You Can Create Pages By Clicking On Pages On Drop-Down Menu Of Your Blog. There Will Be Pages Section Containing Blank Pages And Others. Click On Blank Page And A Blank Page Like A Post Editor Will Appear. It Is Not Like Post Editor. There Are Not Labels And Other Settings. Only Option Is Located. There You Can Edit And Then Publish Your Page. But On Thing Is Different Between Them. The Pages Does Not Display Like Posts On Main Page. You Can Create About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy With This Option. But You Cannot Create Contents Which Are Created On Posts.

Comments Option

Now Let's Come To Comments Seciton. In This Section, You Can See Users Comments Which Are Commented On Your Posts. There Are Three Sub-Section In Comments Section Which Are Below:-
  • Published Comments : In This Sub-Section, You Can See Published Comments On Your Posts. You Can Also Delete Or Add In Spam Those Comments.
  • Awaiting Moderation : In This Sub-Section, You Can Publish Or See Those Comments Which Are Awaiting Moderation Means That They Are Ready To Published. This Option Is Mainly Select For Spammers Who Write Spam Comments And Write Bad Words On That Posts.
  • Spam : Spam Means (Unusual Emals)  Which Are Send By Spammers. In This Sub-Section, You Can Control Those Comments Which Are Caught In Spam.


In The Stats Section, You Can Get Full Information About Your Visitors Who Visited Your Website, How Many Page Views You Have Got, From Where Your Visitors Are Coming, Which Are The Most Viewed Posts And Many More Things About Your Blog Stats(Status) Visits.


Well In This Section, You Will Get The Report About Your Daily Earnings. How Much You Have Earned In This Month, Week And Today And How Much Clikes Have You Get And Many Other Reports About Your Earnings Displayed Here. These Ads Are Displayed By Google Adsense. You Will Have To Sign Up For Adsense And Get Approval And Get Ad Code And Paste And Then Ads Start Displaying, Then The Earnings Section Can Be Accessible.


So In This Section, You Can See The Elements Of Your Blog Including Widgets. You Can Add, Edit, Drag And Drop, Rearrange And Remove Elements (Gagdets) Of Your Blog. The Layout Is Display On Your Blog. Your Sidebar Is Displayed With Template And The Gagdets Are Controlled By Layout Section. So If You Want To Add More Gagdets To Sidebat, You Can Click "Add A Gagdet" Button On There. You Can Also Click On Edit Button Which Is Located On Lower-Right Corner On Each Gagdet. You Can Also Change The Theme Of Your Blog By Using "Template Designer" Which Do Not Allow You To Edit Template. But It's Easy To Use. But It Does Not Support That Things Which Can Be Done In Template.


In This Section, You Can Customize The Look Of Your Template By Clicking On "Edit HTML" Button In Template Section. You Can Also Cusromize The Template With Template Desginer By Clicking On "Customize" Button That Is Located Left Side Of Edit HTML. The Template Designer Is Located In Two Seciton, Layout And Template. You Can Also Upload Custom Template Which You Have Downloaded. You Can Also Backup/Restore You Current Template Before Uploading Any Downloaded Template.


In This Section, You Can Control Your Full Blog. There Are Many Sub-Section In This Section. We Will Describe Below:-


In The Basic Sub-Section, There Are Many Options Which I Will Describe Below:-

  • Title : This Will Edit The Title Of Your Blog. You Can Edit Anytime. It Is Display On The Top Of Your Blog Which Is Called "Header".
  • Description : In This Tab, You Can Write The Description Of Your Blog. It Means That For Which Reason The Blog Is Created For Example It Provides Games And Softwares etc.
  • Privacy : In This Tab, You Can Set That Search Engine Find Your Blog Which Mean If You Select "No" Your Posts Will Not Be Displayed On Google. There Is Also Listed On Blogger Option, Where The Google Store Your Blog In Their Listing.
  • Blog Address : Here You Can Edit The URL Of Your Blog. If You Have Created A Wrong URL  While Creating Blog, You Can Change Anytime From There.
  • Blog Authors : In This Tab, You Can Add Peoples To Control Your Blog Means That I You Add Your Friend, He Can Also Edit And Make Changes To Your Blog. But My Suggestion Is To Never Give Your Blog To Any other. Because In This Time, There Are No Good Friends Whom Can Be Trusted.
  • Blog Readers : In This Tab, You Can Select That Who Can See Your Blog. The Default Is Public Means Everyone Can See Even And Anonymous Person. But You Can Change To Private.  You Can Add Custom Peoples Who Can See And Also Select That Only Authors Can See. So This Was The Basic Section.

Post And Comments

In This Section, We Will Describe The Control Of Evey Post And Comments Of Every Posts Below:-

  • Show At Most : In This Tab You Can Select That How Much Posts Should Be Display In Your Homepage.
  • Post Template : You Can Also Add Post Template. This Means That If You Add One Heading To Post Template Than That One Heading Will Display In All Of Your Posts.
  • Showcase Images With Lightbox : You Can Select Showcase Images To Yes Or No.
  • Comment Location : You Can Select Four Options, Embedded, Full Page, Pop-Up Window Or Hide.
  • Who Can Comment : In This Tab, You Can Select That Who Can Comment. Gmail Account Peoples, Registered Users, Anyone Or Only Blog Members, You Can Select Any Option.
  • Comment Moderation : In This Tab, You Can Select Comment Moderation That Is Always, Sometimese Or Never. In This, The User Who Have Commented Will Not Display, But Will Display In Your Awaiting Moderation Folder, You Can See And Publish You Comment Then Your Comment Will Display On Post.
  • Show Word Verification : In This Tab, You Can Select Word Verification Yes Or No. This Is Mainly Select To Verify That Who Is Writing Comment, A Robot Or Human.
  • Show Backlinks : You Can Select Yes Or No To Get Backlinks From Other Sites.
  • Comment From Message : In This Tab, You Can Comment From Message.

Mobile And Email

In This Section, We Will Describe Mobile And Email Below:-

  • Posting Using SMS/MMS : You Can Add Mobile Device. This Is Used Because You Want To Publish Post Via Mobile.
  • Posting Using Email : In This Tab You can Select Posting Usting Email. The Default Is Disabled.
  • Comment Notification Email : In This Tab, You Can Set Email In Which You Can Get Notification Who Have Commented At Your Email Address.

Language And Formatting

In This Section, We Will Describe Language And Its Formatting.

  • Language : In This Option, Select Your Own Language You Want.
  • Enable Transliteration : In This Option, You Can Transliterate Language In Other Language. It Helps To Translate Roman Language.
  • Time Zone : In This Option, Select Your Time Zone Otherwise Your Settings Will Not Set. The Post You Will Publish Will Be The Default Time Not Of Your Country.
  • Date Header Format : In This Option, You Can Select That How The Time And Date Should Display On Your Blog Posts.
  • Timestamp Format : Timestamp Is Same As  Above, But This Is Used Because Some Blogs Uses Date Hedaer And Some Blogs Used Temstamp Format.
  • Comment Timestamp Format : In This Option, The Time Is Shown On Comments That When The User Has Commented

Search Preferences

In This Section, We Will Describe The Search Preferences. I Will Only Give Introductionm, But With Detail, We Will Describe Later.

Meta Tags
  • Description : In This Option, You Will Write The Meta Description Of Your Blog. It Is Same As Description But It Improves Traffic Of Your Blog.
Errors And Redirects
  • Custom Page Not Found : In This Option, You Will Write The Code. This Means That If The User Have Clicked The Broken Link Of Your Blog, Then Will Show 404 Error Page.
  • Custom Redirects : This Option Redirects Your Old Link To New Link.
Crawlers And Indexing
  • Custom Robots : In This Option, You Will Say Robots To Either Crawl Or Not Crawl Your Pages
  • Custom Robots Header Tags : This Is Same As Robots But In This, You Will Set Custom Homepage And Other Things


This Is The Last Section Of The Settings Tab.

Blog Tools
  • Blog Tools : There Are Three Option In This Sub-Section. Import Blog, Export Blog And Delete Blog. Impot Blog Imports Blog From Any Other's Blog. Export Blog Exports Your Blog In Atom. Delete Blog Delete's Your Current Blog You Are Logged In.
Final Words

So Friends This Was The Blogger.com And The Full Guide For Newbies In Blogging. In Oher Section I Have Not Described The Whole Settings, We Will Soon Describe Each And Everything Of Settings Later. Stay Connected With Us For More Guides. Subscribe To Feed To Get Hot Updates From Us. If You Have Any Question Regarding This Article, You Can Comment Below Here. Happy Blogging!

Newbies Guide In Blogging World!

As The World Is Growing Day By Day, In The Technology There Is A New Space Growing Called "Blogger". Thousands And Thousands Of Blogs Are Created Daily. But Some Of Them Are Successful Because They Write illegal Contents And Without Love. If You Want Your Blog Be Successful, Then Write Your Own Contents With Breaks And Love In It. We Will Describe Tips Later. But First Let Me Explain Important Things Which Every Blogger User Should Know Before Start Blogging.

Meaning Of "Blog"

The Word "Blog" Is The Abbreviation Of Web-Log. Blog Is A Resource Site Which Contains Content And Information. The Content Which Is Provided By Blogger Is In The Shape Of Post. Which Means That A User Who Is Writing Blog Posts Must Write Every Topic On Each Paragraph Of Their Niche And Publish It Regularly. The Blog Looks Similarly To Website You Can Edit It Easily And Categorized Your Post With Labels.

What Is Blogging?

Managing Or Running The Blog Is Called "Blogging". But You Can Do It Properly Without Some Skills. You Will Have To Learn About Some Benefits Of Blogging Which Are Content Writing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization And Designing Of A Blog. Don't Worry! As I Described Above We Will Describe Each And Every Topic Later.

Why You Should Create A Blog?

A Man Can Be Successful In Blogging If He Is Expert In Coding Knowledge Of HTML, CSS And Other. So If You Are One Of Them Then You Can Create And Share Your Contents With World, Friends And Many Other Peoples. If Your Blog Become A Successul And Popular Blog, Then You Have A Great Chance Of Earn Money Online. The Main Reason For Creating A Blog Is To Earn Money. Otherwise You Are Time Wasting!.

How Can I Earn Money?

This Is A Very Interesting Topic. So, As I Described Above That The Main Reason Is To Earn Money, Many Of The World Have Created Blog And Each And Every Blog Is Earning A Lot Of Money By Few Things. The Best Way Of Earning Is To Display ADVERTISEMENT On Your Blog. There Are Different Advertisements Networks Through Which You Can Earn Money. Below I Will Explain And Later I Will Describe With More Detail And Full Guide.

Advertisements Networks

The Most Popular Advertisement Networks Is PPC (Pay Per Click) Networks. In This Network, You Will Have To Apply Your Blog To And PPC Site. Google Adsense, Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads, Clixsense, Bidvertiser Are The Most Popular Advertisements Network. Remember That Before Applying Your Blog To Google Adsense And Yahoo Bing Networks, You Will Have To Read And Follow Their Rules First. The Others Are Just To Paid And Then It Will Automatically Display After Payment. Bidvertiser Is Also Free But Only Clixsense Allow You To First Paid And Then Ads. Now You Will Get Approval From Google, They Will Send You Email After Approval. Now They Will Give You Ad Code From Network You Have Joined. Paste That Ad Code Anywhere You Want. If You Want To Display Ad Where You Want And There Is No Option In Layout To Display, Then You Can Paste Ad Code In Template Editor. After That, Your Ads Will Display On Your Blog . When Someone Click On Your Ads, They Will Get You Paid.

The Second Network Is "Affiliate Advertisement Network" Which Is Also Popular, You Can Use Both Networks On Your Blog But This Network Must Contain A Good Space For Placing Ads. So In This Network, You Will Need To Join Network. In That Network, People Buy And Sell Ads. After Approval, You Will Have To Create Ad Slot Space And You Will Have To Setup Those Slots On Sell With Required Time And Money. Now If Anyone Want To Advertise On Your Blog, He Will Submit His Ads On Anyone Of The Slot You Have Spaced. You Can Also Get Ads From Them Like PPC Ads. But In This, You Will Have To Pay First Like Clixsense.

Final Words!

So Friends,, That Was My First Post.. The Advantage To Writing Blog Posts Also Improves Your English As You Write Similarly Posts. I Have Also Learned New Words From Post Which I Have Taken Similarly From Another Place. We Will Try To Teach You Each And Everything Of Blogging World. So If You Have Any Questions With Us, Just Comment Below. Happy Blogging!.