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Friday, January 3, 2014

Newbies Guide In Blogging World!

On : 5:51 AM
As The World Is Growing Day By Day, In The Technology There Is A New Space Growing Called "Blogger". Thousands And Thousands Of Blogs Are Created Daily. But Some Of Them Are Successful Because They Write illegal Contents And Without Love. If You Want Your Blog Be Successful, Then Write Your Own Contents With Breaks And Love In It. We Will Describe Tips Later. But First Let Me Explain Important Things Which Every Blogger User Should Know Before Start Blogging.

Meaning Of "Blog"

The Word "Blog" Is The Abbreviation Of Web-Log. Blog Is A Resource Site Which Contains Content And Information. The Content Which Is Provided By Blogger Is In The Shape Of Post. Which Means That A User Who Is Writing Blog Posts Must Write Every Topic On Each Paragraph Of Their Niche And Publish It Regularly. The Blog Looks Similarly To Website You Can Edit It Easily And Categorized Your Post With Labels.

What Is Blogging?

Managing Or Running The Blog Is Called "Blogging". But You Can Do It Properly Without Some Skills. You Will Have To Learn About Some Benefits Of Blogging Which Are Content Writing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization And Designing Of A Blog. Don't Worry! As I Described Above We Will Describe Each And Every Topic Later.

Why You Should Create A Blog?

A Man Can Be Successful In Blogging If He Is Expert In Coding Knowledge Of HTML, CSS And Other. So If You Are One Of Them Then You Can Create And Share Your Contents With World, Friends And Many Other Peoples. If Your Blog Become A Successul And Popular Blog, Then You Have A Great Chance Of Earn Money Online. The Main Reason For Creating A Blog Is To Earn Money. Otherwise You Are Time Wasting!.

How Can I Earn Money?

This Is A Very Interesting Topic. So, As I Described Above That The Main Reason Is To Earn Money, Many Of The World Have Created Blog And Each And Every Blog Is Earning A Lot Of Money By Few Things. The Best Way Of Earning Is To Display ADVERTISEMENT On Your Blog. There Are Different Advertisements Networks Through Which You Can Earn Money. Below I Will Explain And Later I Will Describe With More Detail And Full Guide.

Advertisements Networks

The Most Popular Advertisement Networks Is PPC (Pay Per Click) Networks. In This Network, You Will Have To Apply Your Blog To And PPC Site. Google Adsense, Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads, Clixsense, Bidvertiser Are The Most Popular Advertisements Network. Remember That Before Applying Your Blog To Google Adsense And Yahoo Bing Networks, You Will Have To Read And Follow Their Rules First. The Others Are Just To Paid And Then It Will Automatically Display After Payment. Bidvertiser Is Also Free But Only Clixsense Allow You To First Paid And Then Ads. Now You Will Get Approval From Google, They Will Send You Email After Approval. Now They Will Give You Ad Code From Network You Have Joined. Paste That Ad Code Anywhere You Want. If You Want To Display Ad Where You Want And There Is No Option In Layout To Display, Then You Can Paste Ad Code In Template Editor. After That, Your Ads Will Display On Your Blog . When Someone Click On Your Ads, They Will Get You Paid.

The Second Network Is "Affiliate Advertisement Network" Which Is Also Popular, You Can Use Both Networks On Your Blog But This Network Must Contain A Good Space For Placing Ads. So In This Network, You Will Need To Join Network. In That Network, People Buy And Sell Ads. After Approval, You Will Have To Create Ad Slot Space And You Will Have To Setup Those Slots On Sell With Required Time And Money. Now If Anyone Want To Advertise On Your Blog, He Will Submit His Ads On Anyone Of The Slot You Have Spaced. You Can Also Get Ads From Them Like PPC Ads. But In This, You Will Have To Pay First Like Clixsense.

Final Words!

So Friends,, That Was My First Post.. The Advantage To Writing Blog Posts Also Improves Your English As You Write Similarly Posts. I Have Also Learned New Words From Post Which I Have Taken Similarly From Another Place. We Will Try To Teach You Each And Everything Of Blogging World. So If You Have Any Questions With Us, Just Comment Below. Happy Blogging!.
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