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Sunday, January 5, 2014

How To Enable Comment Moderation In Blogger?

On : 2:11 AM
Comment Moderation
As You Know That Blogger Is Been Used By Millions Of Peoples In The World. Millions Of Words Are Written On Every Day. Some People Get Their Blog Very Popular In Just Little Time Due To It's Unique And Loved Content And They Also Get Comments From Peoples. Commenting System Is Good Because It Increases Your Blog's Ranking. People Can Easily Ask Their Questions With Current Post If They Don't Know What To Do. If You Have So Much Of Post Published, You Cannot See Comments One By One Because It Takes A Lot Of Time To See Each And Every Comments, You Can Enable Comment Moderation In Blogger To Receive Your Comments In Folder. Some Of The Visitors Who Are Haters Of Blog, They Use Spam Comments To Increase Their Traffic And Backlinks. So This Is The Problem With Many Blog Owners Because They Cannot See So Much Of Comments. You Can Enable Comment Moderation. Let's Describe That How It Is Enable.

What Is Comment Moderation?

Comment Moderation Are Used By Many Blogger's Users. This Is Mainly Enabled Because They Want To See Commens Which Are Published On That Post. So When It Is Enable, When Any Visitor Comment On That Post, It Says The Following Message "The Comment Will Appear Here Afer Approval", This Means That The Blog Owner Will First Read Your Comment And If It Is Not Spam, Then He Can Publish You Comment On Post And Can Help You Through Your Email Or Blog Post. The Comments Which Are Published After Approval, Are Stored On "Awaiting Moderation" Folder In Your Blog. Now It's Your Choice To Delete Or Published That Comment Which Is Awaiting Moderation.


  • Say Good Bye To Spam
  • No More Links In Comments
  • Haters Can't Annoy You

How To Enable Comment Moderation?

So Here Is The Tutorial For You To How To Enable Comment Moderation. Just Follow The Simple Steps:-

  • Go To Blogger >> Your Blog >> Settings >> Post And Comments.
  • Here Is The Comment Moderation Section, The "Never" Option Is Tick Marked, Now Tick Mark The "Always" Button.

  • After They Will Ask You For Email To Which Email They Send You Approval Comments. Just Enter The Email In The Box.
  • Now Click On "Save Settings" On The Top-Right Corner Of The Screen.
  • You've Done!

Final Words!

So Friends, That Was The Comment Moderation Tutorial For You. It Is Also Important For That Blogs Which Are Getting High Number Of Comments Daily. I Hope This Tutorial Will Help You A Lot. If You Are Facing Any Problem In This Tutorial, Then Feel Free To Ask In Comments As I Describe First. Also Share This Post With Your Friends Who Are Begginer's. Take Care!. Happy Blogging!.

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